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What People Are Saying....

Joy, Jupiter FL

"The Shipwrecked Souls immediately takes you away on a journey. A tale filled with passion, romance, pirate darkness and sinister plots. Leaves the listener breathless. The soundtrack alone is truly a priceless treasure to behold."

Emmanuelle, Edinburgh, Scotland

"What a beautiful story, so cleverly written all in rhymes! So unusual! And the music is out of this world. Amazing voices, with delightful melodies. I would eagerly recommend it!"

Lulu, Tehachapi, CA

"Just a small note; today was chemo again. Thank you and Jonathan for making it such a special day. Couldn't do it without the two of you!!"

Bennett Z. Los Angeles, CA

"Makes me feel like I'm in the room with the characters themselves. Much more realistic than the typical audiobooks."

Adam S. Denver, CO

"The Shipwrecked Souls audiobook is truly entertaining. High quality musicianship pulls you through, in this epic tale with great music, sound effects and narration. This story is a must, the two and half hours goes by quickly!" 

Vanessa P Valyermo, CA

"The Shipwrecked Souls not only fed my soul, but also filled my heart with soulful music. Look forward to playing the soundtrack in my car."

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