Don't Give Up

Uplifting video about facing life's challenges and never giving up. Beautifully sung by Moe Loughran, this carefully crafted tune by William Cuomo and Jonathan Bradford is sure to bring joy to your heart and soul. A must view!!

"Love Shining Through"

One of 16 selections take from "The Shipwrecked Souls Soundtrack," a complete adventure from start to finish. 

"Fade Away"

Another of 16 songs from The Shipwrecked Souls Soundtrack!

"Rumble Upon The Seas"

Another selection taken from The Shipwrecked Souls Soundtrack Album

"The Phil Valentine Interview"

Phil interviews Jonathan Bradford and Bill Cuomo about their brand new and exciting musical audiobook, The Shipwrecked Souls, complete with excerpts. Bill's history with Steve Perry, Kim Carnes, Whitesnake and his many recordings along with Jonathan Bradford's brand new chart topping album are discussed.

"Not Like The Others"

In this video Jonathan and Bill examine why most audiobooks are boring. Jonathan comes up with a new idea, a eureka moment, and a new approach to audiobooks is revealed.

"A sampling of the story"

A brief summary of the plot and characters taken from different chapters of the audiobook. David Fiddler narrates all.

Teaser #2

The writing process involved in creating "Rumble Upon The Seas". Song is from the perspective of a drowning crew member........on his way to Davy Jones' Locker.

"The Story Begins......"

Excerpts from the actual story as narrated by David Fiddler, introducing the process of how the music was orchestrated to fit the story line.