How "The Shipwrecked Souls" came to be....

About the story............

A little over two years ago, Jonathan Bradford brought his friend William Cuomo a story idea set at the end of the 1600's; filled with a cast of very interesting and compelling characters. Not only was this a pirate fable, but it was set in rhyme, much like a song lyric. They both found that idea intriguing. So much so that they decided to set about finishing the story and adding music to go with it. 12 great songs later along with underscore and plenty of sound effects, The Shipwrecked Souls was born.

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About Us

About Bill.......


Bill's recording background reads like a who's who of artists: Steve Perry, Kim Carnes, Whitesnake, Stevie Nicks, Faith Hill, and Don Henley to name a few. His iconic keyboard intros are a huge part of songs like  "Bette Davis Eyes", "Here I Go Again",  "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" and "Oh Sherrie" which he co-wrote. As an arranger, he has worked with numerous American, Australian, Latino and French artists and even arranged the title track for the film, "Never Say Never Again".

The Shipwrecked Souls


It's no surprise that this pirate adventure is driven by an abundance of music, given the musical backgrounds of both authors. Twelve beautifully written songs in addition to orchestration throughout make The Shipwrecked Souls a unique adventure. An audible listening experience; a movie for the ears......perfect for a jog in a park, a cold rainy night by the fire, or a long drive on perfect a summer day. Be sure to hit the "AUDIO" button above and listen to the Prologue and Chapter 1.

About Jonathan......


No stranger to music, Jonathan's background is in exotic African rhythms, and is reflected in his drumming and composition style. After years of touring, session work and drumming for others, he decided to devote his efforts to being a solo artist, writing and recording, and those efforts are now paying off. Vocally compared to Peter Gabriel and Sting, his voice fronted the #1 record by Innocent Monday and appears on his current solo chart climber, The Forgotten Ones.